valuation of the logotype / rebranding / graphic materials in 4 easy steps (about 3-5 minutes)

Complete the Brief

The following questions will help me understand your needs and vision better. You can skip questions that are difficult to you, but the more information we have, the more accurate price estimation I can make.
Below are some questions about the overall appearance of the project you want us to design for you. There are multiple choice questions - you can choose more than one option 😉
Let's get to know each other better. Please describe in 2-4 sentences who you are, who is your target group, with whom you compete and what makes you stand out from the competitors. Remember, these questions are optional. However, they will be very helpful to keep the brand clear and consistent.
The brief it's almost done. I will be grateful for the last information on whether you have a specific budget or deadline to stick to. Please also leave a contact so I can send you a quote and ask for details if necessary.

* all questions with an asterisk are mandatory