website of the geology laboratory

The geological lab from Dębica asked us to create a logo, business cards and letterhead for it, and finally a website. The assumption was that the site should not be a typical geological site, that it would stand out and be more interesting than those we have seen so far. The owners, however, also wanted to keep the website simple and legible, so we focused on interesting gradient colors and large titles that gave the intended effect. 

“We want to express our satisfaction with the high-quality services offered by HACHA. All works were consulted on an ongoing basis, and our assumptions and suggestions implemented according to expectations. HACHA showed great commitment and competence to meet our expectations, which ensured that our website is modern and adequate to our preferences. Experience and excellent communication guarantee a high level of services provided by HACHA, and the entrusted tasks were performed in a professional and comprehensive manner. 

GEONEO Geology laboratory Alicja Jurczyk recommends HACHA as a trustworthy partner. “


SCOPE OF WORK: logotype design | business cards and letterhead design | website 


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