online store with products for mothers and babies

Nikitoys is a brand that was created with our participation from the very first moments. It was a cooperation from concept through implementation to administration and brand promotion.

The owner of the brand wanted to create a mother- and baby-friendly place where premium products from well-known and respected brands would be available. Together, we were looking for the best solution – from the name that derives from the name of owner’s son, through the sales platform, social media profiles, utility graphics, such as banners, rollups, advertising leaflets, to administering and advertising the store on social media and google.

This comprehensive cooperation and trust allowed us to create a coherent brand that is associated with tenderness, peace, quality and safety – a brand in the spirit of closeness parenting.


SCOPE OF WORK: naming | logo design | graphic materials design | online store | PR activities

(closed in 2022)

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